External Plugin

This is a third-party plugin. Please report issues in its GitHub Repository(opens new window)

# @eth-optimism/plugins/hardhat/compiler

A plugin that brings OVM compiler support to Hardhat projects.

# Installation

Installation is super simple.

First, grab the package. Via npm:

npm install @eth-optimism/plugins

Via yarn:

yarn add @eth-optimism/plugins

Next, import the plugin inside your hardhat.config.js:

// hardhat.config.js


Or if using TypeScript:

// hardhat.config.ts

import "@eth-optimism/plugins/hardhat/compiler"

# Configuration

By default, this plugin will use OVM compiler version 0.7.6. Configure this plugin by adding an ovm field to your Hardhat config:

// hardhat.config.js


module.exports = {
    ovm: {
        solcVersion: 'X.Y.Z' // Your version goes here.

Has typings so it won't break your Hardhat config if you're using TypeScript.