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# @eth-optimism/plugins

# What is this?

A collection of useful JavaScript/TypeScript tooling plugins that you might need when building on top of Optimistic Ethereum!

# What kind of plugins are we talking about?

# Plugins for hardhat(opens new window)

# @eth-optimism/plugins/hardhat/compiler

Automatically compiles your Solidity contracts with the OVM compiler. Defaults to Solidity version 0.7.6, but also has support for 0.5.16 and 0.6.12. Full README available here.

# @eth-optimism/plugins/hardhat/ethers

# Usage

Just import into your hardhat.config.js!

// hardhat.config.js


Or if using typescript:

// hardhat.config.ts

import "@eth-optimism/plugins/hardhat/ethers"
# What does it do?

Creates an l2ethers object that can be imported via hardhat. Behaves identically to the ethers object that you would get if using @nomiclabs/hardhat-ethers, but deploys contracts to Layer 2 instead of Layer 1! Here's it in action:

import { l2ethers } from "hardhat"

describe("My Contract Test", () => {
    it("should deploy a contract", async () => {
        const factory = await l2ethers.getContractFactory("MyContractName")
        const instance = await factory.deploy()

        // Now we're cooking with gas!