External Plugin

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# Hardhat Docgen

Generate a static documentation site from NatSpec comments automatically on compilation with Hardhat.

# Installation

yarn add --dev hardhat-docgen

# Usage

Load plugin in Hardhat config:


Add configuration under the docgen key:

option description default
path path to HTML export directory (relative to Hardhat root) './docgen'
clear whether to delete old files in path on documentation generation false
runOnCompile whether to automatically generate documentation during compilation false
only Array of String matchers used to select included contracts, defaults to all contracts if length is 0 ['^contracts/'] (dependent on Hardhat paths configuration)
except Array of String matchers used to exclude contracts []
docgen: {
  path: './docs',
  clear: true,
  runOnCompile: true,

The path directory will be created if it does not exist.

The clear option is set to false by default because it represents a destructive action, but should be set to true in most cases.

The included Hardhat task may be run manually; however, it is imperative that the compile task be run at least once after plugin installation to ensure that the correct compiler options are set:

yarn run hardhat docgen