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# Hardhat SPDX License Identifer

Prepend Solidity source files in Hardhat projects with the SPDX License Identifier specified in package.json.

Versions of this plugin prior to 2.0.0 were released as buidler-spdx-license-identifier.

# Installation

yarn add --dev hardhat-spdx-license-identifier

# Usage

Load plugin in Hardhat config:


Add configuration under the spdxLicenseIdentifier key:

option description default
overwrite whether to overwrite existing SPDX license identifiers false
runOnCompile whether to automatically prepend identifiers during compilation false
spdxLicenseIdentifier: {
  overwrite: true,
  runOnCompile: true,

The included Hardhat task may be run manually:

yarn run hardhat prepend-spdx-license

Files which do not contain a license identifier will be prepended with one. Files with a license identifier which does not match that which is specified in package.json may be updated, depending on configuration.