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# solidity-coverage

Solidity code coverage plugin for Hardhat(opens new window) .

# What

coverage example

# Installation

$ npm install --save-dev solidity-coverage

And add the following to your hardhat.config.js:


Or, if you are using TypeScript, add this to your hardhat.config.ts:

import "solidity-coverage"

# Tasks

This plugin implements a coverage task

npx hardhat coverage [options]
Option Example Description
testfiles --testfiles "test/registry/*.ts" Test file(s) to run. (Globs must be enclosed by quotes.)
solcoverjs --solcoverjs ./../.solcover.js Relative path from working directory to config. Useful for monorepo packages that share settings. (Path must be "./" prefixed)
network --network development Run with a ganache client over http using network settings defined in hardhat.config.js. (Hardhat is the default network)

# Configuration

Options can be specified in a .solcover.js config file located in the root directory of your project.

Config Example:

module.exports = {
  skipFiles: ['Routers/EtherRouter.sol']
Option Type Default Description
silent Boolean false Suppress logging output
client Object undefined Ganache only: Useful if you need a specific ganache version. An example value is: require('ganache-cli')
providerOptions Object { } Ganache only: ganache-core options(opens new window)
skipFiles Array ['Migrations.sol'] Array of contracts or folders (with paths expressed relative to the contracts directory) that should be skipped when doing instrumentation.
istanbulFolder String ./coverage Folder location for Istanbul coverage reports.
istanbulReporter Array ['html', 'lcov', 'text', 'json'] Istanbul coverage reporters(opens new window)
mocha Object { } Mocha options(opens new window) to merge into existing mocha config. grep and invert are useful for skipping certain tests under coverage using tags in the test descriptions.
coverageContractsTemp String .coverage_contracts Temporary folder location for instrumented contracts - Note that this directory will automatically be deleted when coverage completes.
onServerReady*(opens new window) Function Hook run after server is launched, before the tests execute. Useful if you need to use the Oraclize bridge or have setup scripts which rely on the server's availability. More...(opens new window)
onPreCompile*(opens new window) Function Hook run after filesystem and compiler configuration is applied, before the compiler is run. Can be used with the other hooks to be able to generate coverage reports on non-standard / customized directory structures, as well as contracts with absolute import paths. More...(opens new window)
onCompileComplete*(opens new window) Function Hook run after compilation completes, before tests are run. Useful if you have secondary compilation steps or need to modify built artifacts. More...(opens new window)
onTestsComplete*(opens new window) Function Hook run after the tests complete, before Istanbul reports are generated. More...(opens new window)
onIstanbulComplete*(opens new window) Function Hook run after the Istanbul reports are generated, before the ganache server is shut down. Useful if you need to clean resources up. More...(opens new window)
configureYulOptimizer Boolean false (Experimental) Setting to true should resolve "stack too deep" compiler errors in large projects using ABIEncoderV2

* Advanced use(opens new window)

# Usage

# Using with ganache

Begining with v0.7.12, this plugin runs directly on the Hardhat network by default (for speed).

If you want to use a ganache based http network, you can specify it by name using the --network cli option. The plugin will then launch its own coverage enabled ganache instance which can be configured in .solcover.js via the providerOptions key.

# Documentation

More documentation, including FAQ and information about solidity-coverage's API is available here(opens new window) .