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#Hardhat Toolbox (Viem based)

The @nomicfoundation/hardhat-toolbox-viem plugin bundles all the commonly used packages and Hardhat plugins we recommend to start developing with Hardhat.

When you use this plugin, you'll be able to:

Note: you might want to pin Viem-related dependencies because Viem does not strictly follow semantic versioning for type changes. You can read more here.


To create a new project that uses the Toolbox, check our Setting up a project guide but select the Create a TypeScript project (with Viem) option instead.

#Network Helpers

When the Toolbox is installed using npm 7 or later, its peer dependencies are automatically installed. However, these dependencies won't be listed in the package.json. As a result, directly importing the Network Helpers can be problematic for certain tools or IDEs. To address this issue, the Toolbox re-exports the Hardhat Network Helpers. You can use them like this:

import helpers from "@nomicfoundation/hardhat-toolbox/network-helpers";